My wife the Super Lawyer!

Super Lawyer Natalie Gregg | Family Law and Divorce

Super Lawyer Natalie Gregg

It’s official… my wife Natalie Gregg was chosen as one of the top 5% of practicing attorneys in the state of Texas!

Texas Monthly just included Natalie as one of their “Rising Stars” in area of family law. Check it out here:

“The Law Office of Natalie Gregg is exclusively focused on the practice of family law, and our mission is to provide North Texas families with the support, guidance and advocacy that they need to overcome the complex emotional and financial issues associated with family law.

Natalie Gregg has dedicated her career to the practice of family law. She is an experienced litigator who combines a great sense of compassion with a dedication to delivering results for her clients. Her collaborative approach also saves clients a significant amount time and money while producing superior results for their entire family — especially for the children.”

While I hope that you will never need my wife’s services, please contact her at 469-519-1026 if you or anyone that you know needs:

To learn more about The Law Office of Natalie Gregg, please visit The sites also includes a host of free legal resources on family law matters.

You can also follow Natalie on Twitter at

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