Anniversary Poem (after reading Matthew 25:35-36)

Anniversary Poem

Love fills the space between our souls and keeps our hearts from longing;
Love pours across the garden and our blossoms never fade.

Love welcomes us beneath her roof and warms us by her fire;
Love enwraps our naked babes and keeps them safe and warm.

Love salves our wounds with words whose truth drives out all pain and sorrow;
Love erupts in prison walls and frees those locked inside.

Love is the light that drives away the shadows from our blindness –
Love is the song that cracks the stone around our earless hearts –
Love is the scent that wakes us from the slumber of our dullness –
Love is the salt that saves our lives, whose savor is our savior –

Love wraps its wings around us;
Love fills our every pore.

Love has given us nine years: may love bring ninety more!

Happy anniversary, Natalie. I love you deeply, dearly, without end.

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Happily married father of two. CDO for the Prison Entrepreneurship Program. Bad poet, worse golfer. Still hoping to become an actor when I grow up.
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