I am going to prison

Prison Entrepreneurship Program PEPI am going to prison in February.

Like each one of you, I am a broken person. My life is filled with bad decisions, poor excuses and moral failings. I was handed an amazing life — a life that I did not deserve — a life that I constantly took it for granted.

I messed up. I made mistakes.

And now I am headed to prison.

But unlike the other 2.3 million people who are currently behind bars, I will be able to leave.

Why? Because I am going there to work.

After months of prayer and conversation with many of you, I am accepting the role of Chief Development Officer for the Prison Entrepreneurship Program. I have been involved with PEP as a volunteer since 2007, and have worked very closely with them in my role as Executive Director of The PLAN Fund. In fact, nearly 40% of our loans went to graduates from PEP (click here to learn more).

I have never seen an organization that can so effectively transform the lives of both its supporters and its clients. That is why I am making this change:

  • Nearly 1% of the US population is incarcerated — the highest percentage on the planet.
  • Around 45% return to prison after release (usually within 3 years).
  • At the time of their arrest, nearly 90% of them are unemployed.

By contrast, less than 10% of PEP’s graduates will re-enter the justice system. 100% are employed within 90 days of release from prison. Best of all, PEP’s graduates have successfully launched around 100 businesses; some are generating over $100,000+ in annual revenues, and are now employing other PEP graduates.

I am deeply excited about this opportunity for me and my family. I invite you to join me in prison, where you can witness the transformational power of this organization within your own heart. I have a number of “Get INTO jail free” cards ready to offer to those of you who want to join me!

See you in prison!

Take 3 minutes to learn more about PEP at this video:

About jeremygregg

Happily married father of two. CDO for the Prison Entrepreneurship Program. Bad poet, worse golfer. Still hoping to become an actor when I grow up.
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4 Responses to I am going to prison

  1. Bobbi Bilnoski says:

    Congratulations Jeremy. PEP is so very fortunate to have someone with such passion for what they do , combined with experience and leadership. I wish you well! And YES, I’d like to get into jail FREE and visit you. Which facility will you be working in? I’ve done many focus groups in Prisons for Aids Arms.

  2. Linda G. says:

    Jeremy, I sent the blog post in the Chronicle of Philanthropy on to an acquaintance of mine, Terri Jackson. Terri founded Empowercom some years ago, which employs people coming out of the prison system. It could be a powerful model for you, and perhaps the two of you might wish to connect.

    Sincere regards,


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