One of my fellow teachers at Cistercian Preparatory School in Irving, TX, Mrs. Jackie Greenfield is retiring after 24 years of service as an English teacher. Though it ages me to share, I am honored that I was one of her first students at the school. 

A Poem for Mrs. Greenfield, Upon her Retirement

From fields of green, she emerged as a light
that lit the very stones we walked;
orange no more, they gleamed with a glow
that strengthened us with every step.

Her lightening laugh, her glimmering eyes,
they raised our hearts above the din
of teenage howls, of raged delight,
of all the tests a school can hold.

A dozen years, and a dozen more,
seem such a brevity to dance
beside a sprite whose spirit sings
with every breath, at every chance.

And yet, although we watch her go,
we know that she will never part:
our verdant vale, our Wacky Jackie,
your living was your greatest art.