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Daddy’s Time Out now available on Amazon

Daddy’s Time Out© began as a children’s book, but it has grown into a community dedicated to writing a better ending to 2.7 million children’s stories.

I launched this effort with the help of previously incarcerated people, their family members, and leading voices in the movement to improve the criminal justice system. In 2020, this group led a Kickstarter to publish the book, launch this Web site, and form the foundation of the DTO community.You can learn more about the project at

The book itself was co-created with children’s therapists and family counselors who deeply understood the challenges facing these children, and it has been endorsed by both progressives (Equal Justice USA) and conservatives (Charles Koch Institute). To see more of our endorsements and testimonials, click here.

I am proud to share that the book is now available on Amazon here:

I have pledged to take $0 from the project. Proceeds from sales will be used to provide copies to children who could not otherwise access the book, including donating them to prison visitation rooms for families who are seeing their loved ones in prison.

Daddy’s Time Out is now LIVE!

Today is the big day: the Kickstarter for Daddy’s Time Out is now LIVE!

Daddy’s Time Out is a children’s book that aims to improve the futures of the estimated 2.7 million kids who currently have a parent in prison. Such children are up to six times more likely to end up in prison themselves, and our research has revealed that a significant contributing factor is the negative self-identity that these children develop due to an inability to understand their parent’s incarceration.

Using the metaphor of a “time out” to explain incarceration, the book equips these children with an appropriate understanding of what is happening in their family. The book was co-created with the insights of formerly incarcerated parents (as well their co-parents), child therapists, criminal justice professors, as well as leading voices in the movement to transform mass incarceration (ranging from the politically progressive leaders of Equal Justice USA to the politically conservative leaders of the Charles Koch Institute, both of whom have endorsed the book). 

Our goal is to donate at least 1,000 printed copies of the book to nonprofits that work with such children. Our premier partnership is with Big Brothers Big Sisters, whose “Amachi” program provides mentors to children with a parent in prison. Additional partnerships include the Prison Entrepreneurship ProgramPrison Fellowship, and other organizations.

You can write a better ending to these children’s story here.

Even if it is just $1, your gift will show these children that they are not alone. Thank you for backing my book!

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