Jeremy Gregg Speaking at TEDxSMU


We are a team of fundraising experts led by Jeremy Gregg, a veteran nonprofit leader and experienced social entrepreneur.

Our Principal’s Experience

  • ~$40MM in Donations Raised
  • 3-Time TEDx Speaker
  • 2-time Pitch Contest Champion
  • Award-Winning Communicator
  • 15+ Years of Nonprofit Management

Our Other Consultants

  • Experienced Nonprofit Fundraisers
  • Talented Grantwriters
  • Gifted Communicators
  • Trained Designers


We raise funds for 501(c)(3) nonprofits that rely on grants to cover a significant amount of their annual budget.

NOTE: We can support capital campaigns but our primary focus is on securing operating/program grants.

Our Primary Focus

  • Social/Human Services Organizations
  • Community/Economic Development Organizations
  • Typically based in Texas
  • Need $100K+ in Grants each Year
  • 0 to 2 Current Development Staff


We partner with Executive Directors (and/or Development Directors) to cultivate relationships with private foundations/major donors that can generate long-term funding.


  • Develop strong pipeline of foundations/major donors to cultivate;
  • Craft a customized approach for each prospect, integrating personal contacts and mass communications;
  • Partner with staff to implement this plan.


  • Produce a high volume of customized proposals;
  • List prospects’ board members for possible cultivation;
  • Coordinate regular updates to pending proposals.


  • Coordinate reports for all grants awarded;
  • Update all prior and current funders on status of organization;
  • Coach nonprofit staff on ongoing cultivation, including monthly in-person coaching sessions and consulting.


“Foundations are people.” Raising money from institutional donors involves far more than simply submitting a generic template proposal and crossing your fingers. Our process has been proven to work by focusing on meeting the unique needs of private foundation’s staff and board members.

NOTE: We also support efforts to raise funding from major donors that would benefit from being treated more like a foundation — i.e. established families that give personally instead of through a foundation, but who donate strategically to achieve a desired impact on society.

The Facts

  • For every $1 that a foundation donates, it typically receives $10 in requests.
  • Discretionary donations — those swayed by proposals — often represent less than 50% of a foundation’s annual giving; many have pre-determined beneficiaries or tend to support the same charities year after year.
  • Many foundations refuse to accept unsolicited proposals. Without a relationship, your request falls on deaf ears.
  • Foundation leaders are rarely influenced by emotionalism and success stories. While they are often passionate champions of charity, they strongly prefer to make decisions informed by meaningful and measurable data that is transparent and consistent. This data should draw a clear connection between their foundation’s gifts and a grantee’s measurable impact on society.
  • Most importantly, this impact needs to align with the vision of a foundation’s founders. The board does not simply want to support “good work”; they want to drive change — perhaps even broad, systemic change — in a handful of key metrics.
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